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Our Philosophy

Camp Granite Lake’s purpose is to be ‘intrinsic to a person’s lifelong growth through authentic connections with people and nature’.

Campers live in a supportive, un-plugged community, where they are given the autonomy to choose their own activities, the opportunity to connect with people and natural world around them, and live with peers and counselors, who are committed to their social and emotional growth.

CGL is a place for children to explore their individuality, as well as their place in the larger world.  They learn to build a strong sense of self, and understand their personal responsibility to their cabin and the camp community as a whole.  Furthermore, through interactions with peers of various backgrounds and abilities, campers develop greater social awareness and acceptance of difference.

We also believe strongly in campers having a close connection with the natural world.  In an increasingly screen-based world, children need to connect with their natural surroundings more than ever, in order to understand the importance of protecting wild spaces and natural resources both on an individual and communal level.

Lastly, CGL is a place for campers to play!  Play is essential to the healthy development of children of all ages.  We believe that providing time each day for informal play provides a foundation for more confident, self-directed children who are excited to take on new challenges!

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