Cold Spring Fire Update Page

Final Fire Update – July 14, 10:45am

What a week! The Boulder Office of Emergency Management is reporting that they expect 100% containment on the Cold Springs Fire by this evening. The wildland firefighters and all the emergency services personnel have done some amazing work. This is the LAST update on the fire, thank you for your concern and understanding throughout – we are so happy that this never impacted the campers or camp!

Fire Update – July 12, 2:30pm

The evacuation area related to the Cold Springs Fire has been significantly REDUCED to include only houses in the immediate vicinity of the fire. That means the nearest evacuation area is over 6 miles away from camp! Almost all of the roads in the area of the fire are open, and the weather is helping, too. That’s about it! I’ll wait to call it totally over until they say 100% contained, and I will continue to track it hourly, but there really shouldn’t be much more to talk about related to this fire!

Fire Update – July 11, 4:30pm

Not much to update! The fire hasn’t done much in the last 24 hours, thanks to over 150 fire fighters and 12 aerial support teams keeping it well managed. While there is no ‘containment’, it has not grown since yesterday (winds are high, but temperatures are much, much lower). For now I’ll leave our action plan handy, but not right on top of the pile on my desk. We are ready if things really change dramatically, but with the reopening of the Peak-to-Peak highway and a few other loosening of restrictions, things are moving in the right direction.

Sunday, July 10, 9:45pm: Fire Update:

We know that some of you are concerned about the Cold Springs Fire near Nederland, and I want to help you understand how we are approaching the situation.

1. Communication: Some parents want more, some want less, but I will try to update you as soon as anything changes here. (And probably if nothing changes.) If you have more questions, please email me and I will get back to you as quickly as I can.

2. Planning: With the start of the Cold Spring Fire yesterday, we have been taking our basic fire plan and applying it to this incident in detail. The only effect this is having on the campers and community now, is that we won’t have campfires in the fire rings (at Embers or on Friday,) and horseback riding has been put on hold because the stables are close to Nederland, though they are not in an evacuation area, either.

3. Focus on the Fire: I am tracking all updates and changes to the situation at least once every hour, including Coal Creek Canyon Fire District communications, Boulder County Office of Emergency Management advisories, and more.

4. Action: Our goal, if we are to evacuate, is to continue to run this session of camp – even if it is not at our property. We do have plans in place if the we are requested to evacuate or prepare for one. And while the evacuation area did increase quite a bit this afternoon, we are still quite a distance away from evacuation. We have plenty of vehicles on site to move campers (buses, vans, etc.) and a number of options to stage camp and campers down the hill until things settle down.

5. Experience: I have been through camp evacuations in the past (at other camps,) and we spend a lot of time working through situations such as this in the office as a year-round team, and with professional colleagues at conferences every year.

6. Focus on the campers: In our leadership team meeting today, we decided that I am coordinating all efforts in planning and communication around the Cold Spring Fire, freeing up Tom, Jen, Jenna, Zach, Mike, Angie, Justin and the summer staff to focus on delivering a great camp experience to your kids! We are off to a great start, and we won’t let this get in our way.

7. What if…? If time comes for us to evacuate – and we will have a LOT of warning and take great precaution – then we will head down the hill (with all of our personal stuff, too!) to one of our pre-arranged spots. And then we will continue to keep doing camp there (these are schools we have arrangements with.) IF we have to leave the property, we ask that you support us in our goal to continue to run this session of camp and keep the camp community together in a big camp out / cook out / activity & games fun way for a day or two or three… until we all come back to finish out the session. Situations like these only bring us closer together as a community! And, if it looks like there is going to be an extended stay away from the property, then we will be discussing alternatives with you at that time.

ANYWAY… I am getting ahead of myself and the situation, but not ahead of some of you and your thoughts and concerns.

Your job:

1. Sleep well, we are on it.
2. Check out and enjoy the pictures online (see the photos email.)
3. Have a great week!

Thank you!


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