COVID Policy Update (April 2023)

We recognize that families of fully immunized children may choose not to get Covid vaccinations for their children. While current Covid vaccines continue to provide strong protection against severe disease, their ability to prevent infection has been greatly diminished by the current Covid variants.

We very strongly recommend campers be up-to-date on Covid vaccines at the start of camp, but will not be requiring Covid vaccination for campers in 2023. (All staff members will still be required to be up-to-date with their Covid vaccines).

For 2023, please help us keep COVID out of camp!

Here’s the Context: In 2021, we had no COVID at camp. And, in 2022, with more than twenty cases among staff members during staff training and Session 1 and a handful of camper cases, last year was a humbling experience.

Between vaccines, pre-camp precautions, and frequent testing, we felt we had done as much as we could when it came to minimizing COVID’s impact on camp. In the close-living environment of sleep away camp, the virus will continue to spread like it did in the world in 2020 and 2021.

Once COVID is in camp, it’s really hard to stomp out.  And, while cases are thankfully much less severe thanks to vaccines and natural immunity, being sick at camp, or missing camp due to illness, really stinks!

We, again, ask for your help in 2023. Regardless of your vaccination status or recent illness:

  1. CGL Pre-Camp Precautions: Once kids are at camp, sharing sleeping quarters, brushing teeth together, eating meals in the dining room… a single case of COVID (anything!) spreads easily. So…
    • In the 3- to 5-days leading up to camp, your camper and anyone in the household should do things more safely:
    • Okay: Stay outdoors for dining and events
    • Not Okay: Indoor dining, indoor concerts, and indoor sporting events
    • If your camper is traveling from a distance, using public transportation, or in a place – particularly indoors – where it’s hard to stay away from people:
    • Diligently wear that high-quality K95/K94 mask like it’s 2020 all over again. It’ll be worth it.

2. Pre-Camp Testing: Like 2022, we will ask that you test your camper with at-home rapid tests at least two times in the four days leading up to camp, including the day before camp. On the day before camp, we will provide you a quick way to upload a photo of your camper’s negative test.

    • Test negative both times, and actively taking CGL Pre-Camp Precautions: Come to camp!
    • Test positive: Wait at least five days, then come to camp (refunds / credits details below)

3. Arrival Day: So, you’ve (1) done a great job with CGL Pre-Camp Precautions, and (2) your camper has tested negative at home… it’s Monday, and it’s time to come to camp! Before your campers get out of the car, we will perform a rapid test on them.

    • Test negative and shows no symptoms: Welcome to Camp!
    • Test positive: Return home, wait at least five days, then come to camp (refunds / credits details below)
    • For families that have siblings or are carpooling, if one of the campers in the car tests positive: ALL of the campers in the car will have to return home and wait for a period (TBD by health department)

4. In Camp Testing: Okay, they made it! Now it’s time for a little follow up testing and plans for if they, or someone in close contact with them test positive…

    • We will likely test them on Tuesday before bed, and then maybe again during the session.
    • We will be working with the health department and advisors on the finalization of this policy before summer. (see below ‘In-camp management of illness’).

Refund Policy:

    • No refunds for days missed if:
      • your camper’s arrival to camp is delayed due to illness
      • your camper tests positive at drop off
      • your camper tests positive during the camp session (starting after drop off), and stays at camp to recover (depending on our ability to isolate them and how they feel)
    • Partial credit for days missed may be available if:
      • your camper tests positive AND goes home to recover (starting after drop off)

In-camp management of illness:

We are working with CDPHE and Jefferson County Public Health on policies that align with theirs. They, in turn, are waiting on potential nation-wide changes to policies that may go into effect after end of the federal declaration of the COVID emergency on May 11th. After that date, the public health departments will have more information.

2023 Medication Policy:

To be fully compliant with Colorado Childcare Licensing rules, starting in 2023 we require ALL medications to be signed off by a physician on our form.

This includes prescription medications AND any over-the-counter vitamins and supplements.

We will have on hand basic as-needed over-the-counter medications, such as acetaminophen, ibuprofen, pepto-bismol, hydrocortisone etc. for the medical team to administer when needed.

When campers are dropped off, we will not be able to accept any medications that are not already signed off by a physician.