Shows Every Monday, Wednesday, & Friday @ Noon MDT

A Clip from our latest show… for more clips & Full Episodes  head over to our YouTube page.

Show #3 – Commercial Sponsor (Pink Soap!)

We really want to help kids stay connected with others, give parents a break for a few minutes, and have moments of fun, laughter, and a little bit of camp!

Shows are planned for Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays at Noon MDT – from now on you will receive a reminder at 11am on the day of the show.

 Each day, we have segments including:

  • Random Fun News, Because We Need It
  • What’s My Lunch & What’s Your Lunch
  • The Daily Poll
  • An interview with a staff member or someone else in the community
  • A craft, music, or video clip of fun things the CGL staff are doing
  • And on Friday’s we are trying “Radio Bingo”

Testimonials from Happy Viewers’ Parents

You guys are seriously awesome! Our son is so excited to do this!

Mom Kerry

My daughter is excited to join today! Thanks for doing this!

Dad Tony

We love this 🙂 thank you soo much for giving us a fun lunch break to look forward to while we are at home. I’ll share it with everyone I know!

Mom Shaela

Whilst we still have school (keepin’ calm and carrying on while trying not to freak out in the UK), our former camper and future camper are enjoying the webinar after their afternoon tea (aka dinner served before 7).  Wishing everyone well.

Mom From the UK

It takes a lot to entertain a 14 year old boy so thank you!!!

Mom Of Teen

Okay, Tommy, you are little nuts, but let’s go for it and have some fun! (When the idea first hatched)

The Camp Year Round Staff