My name is Gaylon Hynes aka “Miss Gay” ( in our southern tradition). I am a Florida girl and graduated from St. Vincent’s Nursing School in Jacksonville.
As a Navy wife, I have had the privilege to live in many interesting places, including 3+ years in Italy and experience world wide travel opportunities. I love nature..hiking, kayaking and swimming. My husband, Jim, and I spent last summer working in a camp in Maine. I will be taking care of your children in the clinic this summer. I have spent my life with kids–in my nursing career (school nurse, children’s psych., pediatrics and homeless outreach) and in my life as a mom to 4, foster parent, and gramma of 7. The goal of my life has always been to make a positive impact, no matter how small, on those whose lives I touch.
I look forward to comforting and nurturing your children this summer at Granite Lake.

How Camp Granite Lake is Responding to Potential Disruptions from COVID-19

Our Priorities are: your child’s health and safety, clear communication with our camp families, and acting with integrity.