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Boulder Juniors go climbing!

All three cabin groups of Junior campers hopped on the bus this morning up to Wondervu. We sang songs and played a game of “Ship Island” before putting on our sunscreen. We then headed over to “Wally” our 26 foot rock climbing wall and put on our harnesses and helmets! Check out the pictures on […]

Boulder Juniors climb Wally and do archery!

All the junior campers jumped on the bus this morning headed up to Wondervu. We got off the bus, sang a few songs and then it was time for all of us to rock climb on our 26-foot wall, Wally! Each camper got multiple turns to take different routes on the wall with our climbing […]

Pool Day in Eldorado Canyon!

We had an awesome day at Eldo Pool today! We began our day at Mesa Trailhead, where we sang “The Princess Pat” and “Baby Shark” to wake up. Then, we played Catch the Dragon’s Tail–it was a little complicated, but all of the campers got the hang of it and had a great time! After […]

Hiking in the Canyon!

We had an awesome second day of our session in Eldorado Canyon! Every group went on an awesome hike today, after beginning the day with some fun morning songs, including “Little Red Wagon” and “Altogether Now.” We played an extremely exciting game of Evolution–ask your camper how to play! After getting woken up with our […]