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Boulder Juniors go to Spruce Pool!

The three groups of Junior campers stayed at Whittier today in preparation of pool day! We started our day with some swimming songs and then played “Wax Museum” and “Fire in the…” We got some free play time to draw with chalk and build with popsicle sticks before eating our lunch. After lunch we listened […]

Eldorado Canyon Pool Day!

The campers had an awesome pool day today! The weather was beautiful and the water was the warmest its been all season. Everyone started the day with a song at Mesa Trailhead. We saw the juniors off and got on the bus to the Eldorado pool! After putting on sunscreen and filling our water bottles […]

Pool Day!

Today the campers went to the Eldorado pool! We started the day off by singing songs at the Mesa trailhead, where we said goodbye to the juniors! After putting on sunblock and filling our waterbottles we dove right into the (warmer) water. We swam until lunch and after lunch the campers had the choice of […]

Awesome Pool Day at Sleep Away!

We had a wonderful final full day of sleep away camp! After some delicious omelets for breakfast, the one-week campers who chose to do an extra horseback ride headed out to the stables, while the remaining campers headed to their cabins and got ready for our pool day! After sunscreening and filling up our water […]