Here are some quotes from camp parents, we hope they help paint a picture of what it is like to be a Camp Granite Lake family. If you want to talk with a camp parent, call us and we will connect you!

Our son is always the best, most mature, and happy version of himself after he has been at camp!

Amy, mother of camper Leo

Tommy and his group of excellent counsellors were helpful from the registration process to the time of leaving the camp with our happy and satisfied camper. They communicated well throughout the organization process and were always happy to answer extra questions. Our child had never been to sleep away camp and knew nobody else going at all but the games/activities organized sought to include all the kids and have them see that they could work/get along together. Our child enjoyed all the different activities offered and said the food was just excellent (was it really camp food)? We have no doubt that our son will return – with siblings for next year’s camp!!

Stephanie, parent of Flynn

Camp Granite Lake exceeded all of our expectations for a first time sleep away camp experience! From the counselors to the food to the activities, everything was phenomenal! The backpacking adventure in Rocky Mountain National Park was our daughter’s highlight. She cannot wait to return next year!

Cara, parent of Emma

Camp Granite Lake is fantastic! This is the third time our son has gone for sleepaway camp and when we picked him up this year, nearly his first words were: “I want to stay for another two weeks!” Keep up the great work, all!

Ian, parent of Javi

If you’re looking for a unique experience, close enough to home, but far enough away to help your kids grow and feel independent this is the place. The staff is amazing, caring, and in general extra supportive. if you have a chance you have to join the opening weekend events. It made our experience so much better as we felt like family before we left our daughter for the few weeks she was there. All I can say is this is a creative adventure that will provide memories for a lifetime

Jen, parent of Taryn

Camp Granite Lake is amazing!! Megan looked forward to camp for about 2 months prior to going and it completely met her expectations! She loved every minute of it! The camp counselors were so sweet and supportive and totally focused on the kids having fun in nature. As a parent, it was really hard having my kiddo away from home for 2 weeks but when she told me all about her experience, it was so worth it! She’ll be back next year!! Thank You!

Myria, parent of Megan

Camp Granite Lake was a fantastic experience for our son. When we dropped him off we were greeted by many happy staff members. That aspect melted away the pre-camp nerves my son was experiencing. His counselors were fantastic & well trained. The ratio of counselors to campers is outstanding. There were many fun activities and my son said it was the highlight of his summer! – Johanna W.

Johanna, parent of Heath

Our girls (9 & 11) had a wonderful experience at Granite Lake this summer. They were apprehensive about leaving home but within 24 hours they jumped right in. They both commented that camp felt like belonging to one big family!

Anna, parent of Amelia & Stella

As a Mom who hesitates to even send her son to a one night sleepover at his friends home, I felt 100% confident he would be safe at Camp Granite Lake for 2 weeks. He came home beaming, confident, well-fed and ready to race back for 2 more weeks!

Kristen, parent of Willem

My appreciation and thanks to all the great staff at CGL! My daughters first sleep away camp experience couldn’t have gone better. She loved being able to choose the activities that best suited her, made some new friends and tried some new activities. The posting of daily photos is a great touch, my husband and I would get on-line each night and look trough all the photos and see all the smiling, happy kids. Great touch!

Nikki, parent of Kendall

Our son had a fantastic time at Camp Granite Lake. His stay offered him an opportunity to explore a new environment in his own way as CGL allows for campers to chose their activities. He had a marvelous time and intends to come back next summer!

Nicole, parent of Cole

Our family values the experience and opportunity that Camp Granite Lake offers our son. The inclusiveness and acceptance and willingness to meet each camper where they are instead of expecting them to be something they aren’t is rare in this world. CGL staff are generous and understanding, and willing to give a child an opportunity that otherwise would never have been possible. Our family is forever grateful for that.

Kyndra, parent of Ashur

We signed our daughter up for Camp Granite Lake at the last minute and obtained one of the last available spots. Tom was great answering my questions very quickly! This was our daughter’s first two week sleepaway experience and she loved it! She raved about the activities, the food and just the entire experience! We are definitely heading back.

Derek, parent of Amelia

Our daughter wouldn’t miss Camp Granite Lake! This is her 4th year, and she just hates to leave!! It’s such a positive and nurturing environment, and she has made countless new friends and experienced so many new things.

Jen, parent of Izzy

Tom came to our house in March and asked my boys who are 9 and 12 to tell them everything they would want out of the perfect sleep away camp. My kids rattled off things like great food, flexibility on their activity choices, comfortable beds and lots of fun. The list came mainly from my 12 year old’s experience at a sleep away camp last summer. Tom said everything they wanted was a available at Camp Granite Lake. We were all skeptical the a camp could be that perfect but it was. Both my kids signed up and both had a great time and made it a point to say that everything Tom mentioned back in March at our house was the truth.

Jason, parent of Ashton and Harrison

Our daughter chattered nonstop, during our three hour drive home, about her exceptional experiences backpacking, sailing, the relationships the counselors forged with campers, and friendships she was able grow during her two week experience. Camp Granite Lake was one of the best experiences for our daughter.

Michael, parent of Abigail