Today started out as a beautiful day down near Eldorado Canyon at the Mesa Trail with the three cabin groups of Junior campers: the Lemon Licking Lollipops, the White Deer Hawks and the Green GORP Cheetahs. After we unloaded the bus, we put on our sunscreen and filled up our waterbottles before singing “Baby Bumblebee” and playing “What time is it Mr. Fox?” The three cabin groups of campers LOVED playing the Mr. Fox game. After grabbing our backpacks, we headed up the Mesa Trail for a while until we were very hungry and hot. We cooled down by drinking from our waterbottles and also with some spray bottles to cool our skin down. We ate lunch back at the trailhead, listened to Counselor Max’s story about Shockti and got back on the bus!

When we returned to base camp, we made sure to drink even more water and started making our caterpillars out of egg cartons (complete with googly eyes!) We went outside after our snack and played Ship Island. We went back inside to listen to a few stories. We are so excited to go back up to camp tomorrow and look for our dear friend, Shockti!