At Camp Granite Lake,
We Require Campers & Staff to Be Fully Immunized

We require campers and staff to be FULLY immunized (using state guidelines for school) before camp begins. Campers and staff with medical exceptions will be allowed at camp with documentation from their physician. We are sorry, but personal exemptions will not be accepted. COVID restrictions and testing will be address and communicated once CDPHE and JCPH determine any policies we need to follow.

Our Immunizations/Vaccinations Story:

As you can see from this web site, at Camp Granite Lake, there is a lot of talk about creating connections, having great experiences, and making friends. These outcomes all happen because the camp experience takes place in an environment that fosters mental, emotional and social health.

It’s impossible to develop a successful camp community without individuals being physical healthy before they arrive to, and while they attend camp. That is why we have every camper and counselor visit a physician each year, and check on the health of each individual as they arrive. It’s not just a standard that keeps us in compliance with our Accreditation by the American Camp Association, it’s a process that helps us do our job as responsible caregivers.

Starting in 2016, we are taking the focus on the health of our community even further by requiring all of our campers and counselors to be fully immunized, based on Colorado State Health recommendations for elementary schools.

At this time, we are only aware of one other camp in the country that has this requirement. We are proud of this decision, knowing it will help protect the health of our campers and staff.

My wife, Ali, is a pediatrician who works in the hospital. I’ve spent enough time hearing how preventable disease and outbreaks could have been avoided in specific kids and communities. So, when we opened registration last summer, we just added a required checkbox stating that campers must be fully immunized to attend. It was that easy.

Some campers that were dear to us, and had made Camp Granite Lake one of their summer homes, wont be coming back because they do not fully immunize. That made this hard. But, we are professionals dedicated to taking care of kids, and this policy is better for the community. It’s not much different from getting everyone to wash their hands before meals or not having campers swap pillows.

Of course, there is no guarantee that everyone will be healthy the whole time they are at summer camp – from colds to coughs to stomach bugs – kids and staff can get sick. With this immunization policy, we know what they WONT be getting sick with this summer.

If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to call me, and I can answer them for you.

-Tommy Feldman, Owner and Director