What We Look For In Our Staff

Each summer we hire approximately 50 counselors and seasonal directors at camp. They are each carefully chosen, and have shown a commitment to being great role models for campers through their prior work, school and volunteer opportunities. They commit to to creating an inclusive, supportive, and ‘un-plugged’ environment, where campers and staff live and work collaboratively, and create connections with each other, and the natural world around them.

Meet Our Directors Meet Our Summer Staff

We Hire, Train, and Grow Our Team. To Qualify, Camp Staff: 

  • Are all at least 18 years of age
  • Submit a staff application which requires three written references
  • Are required to read our Staff Hiring Packet prior to their interview
  • Have an hour-long interview with questions about: their experience with children; times they have demonstrated responsibility in school, professional and volunteer settings; their knowledge of body safety rules and child abuse reporting; and their ability to manage stress… just to name a few!
  • Participate in an intensive 8-day staff training prior to campers arriving that focuses on: the developmental needs of children; how to facilitate social connection between campers; how to help campers through homesickness; body safety rules and child abuse reporting; health and safety; teaching activities; and more.
We continue to invest in their growth and development throughout the summer!  Once campers arrive, we provide ongoing supervision, feedback, and support to help them give our campers great care throughout the summer!