Camp activities place an emphasis on choice, and give campers the opportunity to try out many different activities in a supportive, non-competitive, and “un-plugged” environment.

Campers choose their own activities! It’s a fun and collaborative process, that allows campers to ask questions, and decide for themselves if the activity is the right fit for them.

Fire arrows from various distances with both recurve and compound bows, campers learn proper safety and firing techniques.


We offer backpacking trips both on-site and off-site depending on your campers age. Campers learn skills like how to efficiently pack a rucksack, how to put up a tent, and how to make dinner in the wilderness!


Our on-site climbing crag has 17 top-rope routes from beginner to advanced for campers to enjoy. We also have an indoor bouldering wall.


NEW FOR 2023! Our camper kitchen is currently under transformation to allow our campers to cook, bake, chop, whisk and sprinkle. We are excited to see what treats are made in Culinary next summer!


Disc Golf is a fun group game that takes campers on a journey around CGL to hit each of our 9 holes!

Disc Golf

Use your imagination and collaborate with your friends to complete a DnD campaign created just for you.

Dungeons & Dragons

Campers can let their imaginations run free designing and building in Engineering, from floating boats to launching rockets!


Take in the sights, play games, and sing songs while exploring the trails around camp.

Hiking On-Site

Team building games on our Low Ropes course challenge the body and mind and put communication skills to the test!

Low Ropes

Campers can explore the diverse environments of camp, including: lakes, trees, animals, insects, soil, weather, and geology. We also participate in NASA’s Globe Goes to Camp education program to conduct research to report to NASA Langley!

Nature & Ecology

Learn strokes, techniques, and games while paddling around our 8 acre lake.


Rainbow Trout abound, campers learn knots, casting, and patience!


In sit-on-top Kayaks learn strokes, techniques, and games while paddling around our 8 acre lake.


Learn the basics of sailing on our fleet of sailboats including Pram, Sunfish, and Zest boats.


Practice your balance, learn strokes, techniques, and games and while paddling around our 8 acre lake on Stand Up Paddleboards (SUPs).

Stand Up Paddleboarding

Our swim area, including the keylog roll, is fun a fun place to play in, cool off or hang at the beach!


Create useful crafts and works of art. Craft activities include journal making, tie dye, build your own stuffed animals and more.

Arts & Crafts

Use hand tools to create pots, figures, and anything you can imagine out of clay. Chose from a variety of bright colors to decorate and glaze your pieces.


Through games and instruction, campers learn classic dances like the swing, as well as modern choreography routines and Zumba. Circus activities include juggling, slacklining, hula-hooping and more!


Learn basic chords, strum patterns, and to play some popular music and classic camp songs


Improv games, skits, and short plays get campers ready for the talent show.


Campers use age appropriate tools to build their own wood creations.