Time to start packing for camp? Please use our packing list to make sure your camper has exactly what they need this summer.

CGL’s Top Packing Tips:

  • We have TWO different packing lists – one for our 20-day Traditional sessions and one for our 5-day Mini-camps – please make sure you select the correct option for you. 
  • Pack everything in ONE soft-sided bag/duffle bag for easy storage under the bed once unpacked.
  • Do not overpack! Laundry is done twice throughout the session, and we highly recommend you stick to the number of items suggested on the packing list.
  • Clearly label EVERYTHING!
  • Pack clothes you don’t mind getting dirty, muddy, wet or possibly ruined. Camp is a great place for older, comfortable and durable clothes.
  • LAYERS – the weather in the mountains can change at a moments notice – layering allows your camper to easily adjust!
  • Friday evenings at camp are known as ‘Fancy Fridays’. We all wear something slightly nicer (and cleaner!) than usual for dinner. 
  • A good waterproof rain jacket is a must!
  • A great rule is ‘if you can’t wear it at school, you can’t wear it at camp’.
  • Leave ALL electronics at home!
  • Do not pack medications in camper bags – please bring separately for easy access at check-in.

When your camper is away, you won’t be there to help locate towels, socks, or lost flip flops, so please encourage them to help you pack for camp! It is important for kids to feel empowered and responsible for their own belongings before they leave home, because learning to keep track of their stuff is a great way kids grow from their camp experience.


Traditional Packing List Mini-Camp Packing List

Packing FAQs:

What is provided by camp that I do not need to pack for my camper?
    • Bedding (sheets, pillow and wool blanket). Sleeping bags are also provided for backpacking trips, but you are welcome to bring your own if you prefer. Some campers like to bring a plush blanket for something soft.
    • Sunscreen
    • A water bottle
    • First aid equipment/over-the-counter medications listed on the OTC form (find this in your CGL Portal).

What should I NOT send to camp with my camper?
    • Electronics (including cell phones, tablets, Kindles/E-Readers, MP3 players/iPods, e-watches).
    • Pocket knives, weapons, or fireworks.
    •  E-cigarettes/vapes.
    • Candy, gum or food of any kind!
    • Money – there is nothing to buy or spend money on at camp!
    • Special clothing or expensive jewelry/watches.
What will happen if my camper arrives at camp with something they shouldn’t have?

Any items that campers arrive with that do not belong at camp will be kept securely in the office until the session is over, when it will be returned to the adult collecting them.

Should I pack something special if it is my campers birthday while they are at camp?

Camp is a fun place for a camper to celebrate their birthday!  We list campers on our ‘Birthday Board’ in the Dining Hall and make birthday announcements at Dinner, with a special desert to share with the cabin. You can leave a birthday package with us on opening day, or send one in the mail for them to be given on their birthday.

What if my camper has medication/vitamins they need to take to camp?

All medication, supplements and/or vitamins will be kept with and dispensed by our Nursing Team. Please keep them separate to your campers luggage so they can easily be located and turned in on Opening Day. 

If you have any questions regarding packing for your camper, please reach out to our Director Team at who are happy to help!