Life At Camp

Life in the Cabin

The cabin is not just a place to rest and sleep, it’s also where campers make lifelong friends, learn to take care of themselves and their belongings, and wind down the day each evening with stories, games and debrief activities led by their counselors. Often, when campers mention their highlights of camp, time in the cabin is at or near the top of their list!

Campers share cabins with peers who are within one year age or grade-wise of each other, and range in size from six to ten campers and two to three counselors.  All campers in 1st – 2nd grades are in cabins with attached bathrooms, and the outhouse and bathhouse are just a short walk away for our older campers. 

Our goal is the cabin and bunk are a ‘home away from home’ for your camper during their session. When they walk in, your camper will have a bunk with their name on it (we want the first camper and last camper who walks in the cabin to know we have a place for them!), and it will be neatly made with camp provided sheets, blankets and pillows.

Shortly after drop off, counselors help campers fully unpack their bags into either dressers or cubbies. Also during this time, counselors take a moment to touch base individually with each camper. This helps counselors connect with campers (many who are often nervous on that first day!), and establish themselves as caretakers in the cabin.

Your child’s counselor gets lots of training on how to manage a cabin of campers and we are intentional from the moment campers arrive in the ways we help them build connections with their peers and establish a kind, welcoming and supportive cabin living experience. 


Giving campers a time and space each summer when they can disconnect from phones, social media, and other technology, and connect in-person, is foundational to the Camp Granite Lake Experience.  

In fact, while many campers initially express nervousness about not having their phones, the feedback we often hear a few days into camp is that they are ‘relieved’ and ‘more relaxed’ with the constant access to games and stress of social media.  

Campers and families are allowed to exchange as much mail as they like during the camp session, and campers are allowed to receive one care package.  

While a low-tech experience for campers, it’s a high-tech experience for families at home.  We upload photos for you to view most days, you’re always welcome to send an e-mail or give us a call to get an update on your camper, and, we are very proactive with contacting families if something comes up regarding their camper (injury, illness, excessive homesickness, social struggles etc).


Camp Granite Lake offers over twenty different activity areas taught by our well-trained staff, and best of all, campers in our 20-day sessions get to choose all their own activities while they are at camp (learn more about Mini-Camp activities here!).

Activities are selected twice during the camp session and are done by Village (Eagles: 2nd-4th grades, Bobcats: 5th-7th grades and Rainbow Trout: 7th-9th grades). Campers can choose up to 16 different activities while they’re at camp and they’re a great time for campers to explore interests, build skills, and connect with peers outside of their bunkmates.  

Activity sign ups are led by our Villages Directors, and we see them as an important exercise in teamwork and cooperation amongst the village to make sure each camper is taken care of, and in an activity that works for them.  We don’t start signing up anyone until everyone in the village has a spot in an activity, and, while we don’t discourage campers from signing up for activities with groups of friends, we do encourage them to make an individual choice.  

We offer enough slots of our most popular activities so that each camper can try them out at least once during the session (though they are often able to do them multiple times).

Food and Nutrition

At Camp Granite Lake, we eat 3-meals per day family style. Family-style means we share platters of food with the people we are sat with, and campers can sit with anyone from their village during meals. 

We offer campers a well balanced diet at camp, making sure there are fruit and veggie options, and serve a mix of classic kid foods (think chicken fingers, spaghetti, grilled cheese, waffles), with a few things that may be new (stir fry, curry, etc.). We always serve each component of the meal separately so campers can choose the parts they like, and we always try to encourage campers to try new foods while at camp.

We accommodate for lots of special diets, including vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free, and work closely with families and our Kitchen Team ahead of camp beginning to ensure that we keep campers safe from allergies and intolerances. 

In addition to the three meals, we have snack time every afternoon, and fresh fruit is always available throughout the day in our Town Center.

Health and Wellness

CGL takes a proactive approach to camper health and wellness at camp.  From our immunization policy, to how we train our counselors (campers will drink a lot of water, wear a lot of sunscreen, wash hands, and get enough rest!) to our health care teams review of campers health and medication needs prior to their session, our goal is that campers spend their time making friends and doing activities!

And, when a camper feels sick, gets injured, or needs to take medication, our health care team is ready to help.  We have a dedicated health care person available at all times (RN’s and EMT’s), and a fully stocked health care center.    

The majority of our staff are certified in First Aid and CPR, and all are trained and delegated to administer epi-pens and inhalers.

A Day in the Life of a CGL Camper

Want to know exactly how your camper will be spending their summer at Camp Granite Lake? This video follows two campers around for an entire day, to give you a better idea of how life at CGL looks!

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