Today was such a hot and sunny day at the Whittier base camp! We started off our morning with songs and played ‘What time is it Mr. Fox’ and made sure to drink lots of water before doing our morning activity. We broke into our cabin groups and got our colorful AO t-shirts and talked about some guidelines to keep us all safe at the pool. Then each cabin group got a chance to shoot arrows in archery! Tommy made sure to keep us safe and make sure we understood the rules while shooting in the range. Be sure to check out pictures from our archery activity!

After we ate lunch, we headed over to Spruce pool to cool off. We did our swim screen to make sure that campers were safe in the pool. All campers enjoyed being in the kids’ pool and playing on the slide and the water fountains. We put on lots of sunscreen because there was not a cloud in the sky!

To end our week, we read more stories about bugs and shared some favorite activities from this session of camp. Many of us enjoyed looking for bugs and playing at the pool. We cannot wait to return for another session, either later this summer or next year!