The day started out with a scenic bus ride up to the spacious, and woodsy Camp Wondervu. After getting off of the bus, we waltzed over to our favorite morning spot. At this magical spot, we sang a few songs, and played a game of “Ship & Island”. Following our morning activities, we met up with Camp Director, Tommy, and climbed Wall-e, our 26 foot climbing wall! The campers were all fantastic climbers, and had smiles for miles. After climbing, the crew ate lunch, and then adventured over to the archery range. At first, the whole “hitting the target” concept was a bit difficult for the campers to digest, however after some thorough instruction from our fearless leader, Tommy, the arrows simply couldn’t be found anywhere besides the bullseye! After archery we began the trek back to Boulder. Back at Whittier Elementary the crew cooled off from the incredibly active day by making some authentic rooster face masks, whilst devouring some delicious watermelon wedges.

*Pool day tomorrow! Don’t forget a bathing suit!