A rainy day at camp was turned into an adventure when after breakfast, we all packed up and were off to the Gilpin County Rec. Center to enjoy the amazing indoor pool! Our programs were pushed up until tomorrow morning, and will carry into Friday afternoon. Our horseback riders enjoyed their extra long trail ride this morning, and then joined the rest of camp at the pool. Bagged lunches, water slides, and diving boards made for a great day!

After rest hour, we had a relaxing organized free period, with some games, a dance party, lanyards, music, and singing!

We enjoyed a delicious Ratatouille dinner, and met in the Big Hall for the Embers Ceremony. Tom played guitar and we sang along, cabin groups received their lanterns, and we went back to our cabins for an indoor Embers ceremony focused on responsibility. Campers talked about their responsibilities both at camp and while at home, and how we can balance these responsibilities with fun.

The weather didn’t stop us from having a great day here at camp, and we’re looking forward to our 2nd half of the week activities tomorrow!