Welcome to our awesome new 1-week campers!! We had quite the weekend here at camp, with a huge campwide game of Gold Rush on Saturday afternoon- counselors played the camp “bandits” and tried to keep campers from depositing gold into their bank. Everyone worked as a team to pass the bandits and keep their gold! See photos in our July 18th album!

Saturday night, everyone enjoyed a relaxing end to the week with a movie night- Big Hero 6 was a hit! Popcorn, sleeping bags, and everyone together in the Big Hall made for a great evening.

This morning, campers and counselors enjoyed a special treat- sleeping in and arriving to breakfast as they pleased! Both Saturday and Sunday, campers enjoyed some special weekend activities that we don’t usually have during the week, such as circus, medieval arts, tie-dye, gymnastics, survival skills, and more!

This afternoon after activities, 2-week campers signed up for their 2nd week of activities, and we have quite the schedule this week. Ukulele has been a hit, as well as dancing, culinary, and kayaking! We continue to hear campers’ feedback to see what else we can add to our camp schedule.

We welcomed our new group of 1-week campers this afternoon, to the Lodge and Antero 2. We look forward to getting to know everyone!