First day of activities! Every activity was underway this morning, and the sun made for an especially great first day of canoeing, kayaking, sailing, hiking, and climbing! Archery got used to shooting with the bows, nature and ecology dissected a snake with Sam & Berenice, culinary made their own pancakes for breakfast and pizzas for lunch, theatre performed some skits and games, and fishing caught two rainbow trout!

1-weekers had an exciting morning as well, canoeing with Ellen, arts an crafts with Keely, and climbing with Michael! They’re excited for their pool day tomorrow.

For Evening Program tonight, Jen thought up an amazing new all-camp game- Live Action Hungry-Hungry-Hippoes! Campers used rolling boards to move their cabin mates around and collect “food” (ball-pit balls) in their “mouths” (laundry baskets)! They had to watch out for alligators, or counselors with pool noodles, that could steal their food. Everyone had a great time, worked as a team, and it’s sure to be a returning Evening Program! Thanks Jen!!