Two-week campers enjoyed the second day of their new activities today! Ukulele played some new tunes, culinary made pizza over the fire pit, nature & ecology observed a snake, kayaking soaked up the sun, and much more!

Today, our one-week campers enjoyed arts & crafts with Keely, theatre with Josh, and went on a hike with Jackie and Jacobi! They’re looking forward to their pool day tomorrow with Jenna!

After a delicious hot dog, asparagus, and chicken wing dinner, we went back to our cabins to prepare for Evening Program- Casino Night! Counselors dressed up as dealers, each camper got a pile of “Stella Dollars” (Tommy’s dog) and the games were underway! Tae performed magic tricks, Olivia and Walker offered face painting, and campers could pay to play all sorts of card games around the Big Hall. The winner earned their money back during card games, and campers could earn more money by singing camp songs to counselors! Cassidy taught everyone how to play Blackjack, Sam led an “I Doubt It” table, Michael played “Higher or Lower,” and Crazy 8’s, Heads or Tails, Horse Racing, Go Fish, and Thumb War were all a hit, too! It was a blast and we can’t wait to keep playing card games during free time!