Welcome to Camp Granite Lake!

Welcome to Camp Granite Lake!

Welcome to Camp Granite Lake!

Give Your Camper The Experience of Living In The Rocky Mountains!  

Located less than 1-hour from Downtown Denver, at 9,000 feet in the Rocky Mountains, Camp Granite Lake is a family owned, co-ed, overnight camp!

Campers are a part of a kind, inclusive and supportive camp community where they build positive peer relationships, have well-trained, role model counselors, and enjoy over twenty fun activities.

With 135 beautiful acres and a private 8-acre lake, Camp Granite Lake is a great place for campers to disconnect from technology and focus on creating authentic relationships with people and each other!


Slow Down & Lose The Tech

Camp Granite Lake is screen-free, easy going, and non competitive.

Between hectic schedules, the disruptions of COVID, and the over-use of screens and social media, children are feeling burned out! Camp Granite Lake gives campers the chance to slow down and create authentic, in-person, human connections with peers and their counselors.  Our non-competitive community creates an easy going vibe, and is a nice break from the sometimes hyper-competitive academic and athletic pursuits of the school year.

Low Ratios = Great Connections & Care!

5:1 (or lower!) Camper-to-Counselor ratios means campers get lots of individual attention!

Campers having meaningful connections with their Counselors is key to a child having a great camp experience.  As a smaller camp with low ratio numbers in both cabins and activities, your camper receives more quality time with their highly vetted and well-trained camp counselors. 

Kids Need Time To Play!

New friends, a few rules, and time to just get dirty!

Summers used to be about building forts, digging in the dirt, and playing made-up games outside with friends. That's how we learned to solve problems, think creatively, and self-regulate.

Do you find that your kids don't get to live that way anymore?  Camp Granite Lake provides unstructured time each day for campers to choose their own play.  Expertly supervised by our counselors, campers build forts, play games, and have good, old-fashioned fun!

A Session at Camp Granite Lake
is about…


with new friends and staff



from screens and social media


at our rustic mountain property



with caring, thoughtful staff


be a part of something bigger



gain independence & confidence


laughter, music, and joy



learn in challenging activities