COVID-19 and Summer 2021

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    Our latest email to already-enrolled families (December 22nd, 2020)

    Dear 2021 Enrolled Camp Granite Lake Family:

    We really, really want to run camp for your child this summer!  All of our kids need to be outside, off screens and together! For us to do that in the time of COVID, we are asking you – and everybody in our small community – to make some commitments that will assist in our efforts to keep camp healthy and safe.

    As we plan for a summer that will not be back to normal, we continue to consult with the health department, doctors, and policy makers at the State and Federal levels. And, even as vaccines are starting to be delivered, we are not betting on the availability of vaccines for staff and campers prior to the summer.

    We are confident that this policy, which may still be in place in June & July, will be the most conservative policy we implement:

    • Campers will be required to quarantine for at least seven days prior to their session, and receive a negative COVID test within 72 hours of their arrival.

    For the quarantine time period this means:

    • Campers will interact only with their immediate family, and will wear masks when that includes in-home childcare and grandparents.
    • If there are necessary interactions in public (Drs. Appts, dentist, co-workers, etc.) campers, and their families, will wear masks.


    • No travel by plane or public transportation
    • No restaurants, bars, sporting events, concerts, etc.
    • No attending other camps (We are considering allowing siblings to attend childcare and day camps where masks are worn all times.)
    • No playdates, parties, or gatherings outside the immediate family (including outdoor events, like 4th of July)

    Attending or working at CGL this summer will be a shared commitment. Our counseling staff, summer leadership team, and the Year-Round Directors are agreeing to live with strict precautions throughout the summer. For example, staff are being hired with the expectation that they arrive more than two-weeks early, stay in small pods for 10 days, test negative, and cannot leave camp the entire summer, other than on accompanied trips to parks or trails.

    Your quick decision will help us survive as a business by giving us time to fill spots with families that can make this commitment.

    Are there any changes to how you will run camp in 2021?

    Yes. There may be masks, pods, and more changes. We are working on them right now as State policies start to clarify. Call us if you have questions, because we might be able to answer them!

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