Today was our final day of camp!  We started the day singing songs and then headed right over to the rock wall to climb.  All campers got a chance to climb a few times before heading in for an early lunch.

After eating half of our lunch we walked over the Spruce Pool and got to swim for a couple of hours!  Lots of splashing and swimming happened, and a lot of campers loved the duck slide, too!

The weather started getting a little cloudy and a few raindrops fell right towards the end of pool day – it was perfect timing for us to head back and eat the other half of our lunch.

We had a little bit of free time and then chose as a group that we wanted to climb more on the climbing wall.  Before we knew it, it was time to head in for closing songs!

We had a fantastic first week of camp.  I hope to see all of our campers again soon, if not this summer, then next summer.  Thanks for bringing them to Altogether Outdoors Summer Camp!

How Camp Granite Lake is Responding to Potential Disruptions from COVID-19

Our Priorities are: your child’s health and safety, clear communication with our camp families, and acting with integrity.