Campers live in a supportive, un-plugged community, where they are given the autonomy to choose their own activities, the opportunity to connect with people and natural world around them, and live with peers and counselors, who are committed to their social and emotional growth.


Campers love receiving their handwritten ‘welcome back’ notes from Tom, and their cabin photo letter from Tommy.  Parents love that when they call, they can reach a Director, who lives at camp, and who knows them and their camper, by name. We love meeting with families all year for tours and slideshows.  Camp is what we do, and every camper and their family is a member of the Camp Granite Lake community.


Staff are the ingredient that make a Camp Granite Lake experience so special! All of our staff are 19 years of age and go through a rigorous application and interview process, as well as a full week of staff training. They are chosen for their ability to build supportive, inclusive communities, and are committed to serving as mentors and role-models for our campers.


Camp Granite Lake is a place to experience the magic of summer camp in the Colorado mountains! Located less than an hour from Downtown Denver, we have 135-acres for campers to explore, and an eight acre lake we use for sailing, boating, fishing and swimming. Campers live in comfortable, rustic, cabins with bunk beds and cubbies, and eat their meals in our lakeside dining tents.

How Camp Granite Lake is Responding to Potential Disruptions from COVID-19

Our Priorities are: your child’s health and safety, clear communication with our camp families, and acting with integrity.