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Morrison Nature Center

Today was a hot one! While the temperature may have hit 97, the Explorers and Denver Juniors still hit the trail at Morrison Nature Center. Explorers started the day with a great song from Suzie called “The Crazy Elephant” and played a game called “Red Kit Med Kit 123”. Soon after we finished singing a […]

AO Explorer’s and Denver Jr’s visit the National Wildlife Refuge

AO’s Denver camps had an amazing day at the National Wildlife Refuge. After a cool start to camp yesterday, the sun was shining, and campers were a’ singin’. We kicked off the day with “The Moose Song”, “Sloopy”, and “Brown Squirrel” and played a game of Giants, Wizards and Elves. Campers then spent time in […]

Denver Junior Morrison Nature Center

The juniors campers (all returners) started their day off doing songs and games with the Explorers. Our group The Molts, aka Molten Lava, went for an expedition, then had lunch, created pet rocks and made a fort! Conrad took us back to Base Camp where we had rest time nd read stories about volcanoes. Finally […]

Thursday-Horseback Riding, Scooby Doo!, and Closing Campfire

Hi! While I have the chance, I thought I would go ahead and blog about what we’re doing at camp today. We began our day with some delectable oatmeal breakfast, and then headed out for some horseback riding! Every camper filled up their water bottle, slathered on some sunscreen, and then we all headed to […]