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Wednesday-Climbing, Exploring, Tie-Dye, AND a Talent Show!

We had a huge day at sleep away camp today! We began our morning with a fortifying breakfast, and then split into two groups. The older campers headed out with Counselors Jasmine, Pete, and Phil for a second day of climbing, while the younger campers headed out with Counselor Lily, Program Director Jen, and Nurse […]

It’s Friday, already??

On this last day of camp before the weekend, when a camper was asked “Are you happy it’s Friday?” he replied “Not really, because it means I have to leave.” Needless to say that was a great way to start our 1st Friday of Session 2! After making all our stops we stayed at Base […]

A Beautiful Last Day

Friday was the last day of this summer’s first session and we chose to spend it at Bluff Lake Nature Center. We set up our base at one of the Lake’s picnic tables atop the bluff that overlooked most of the Front Range (it was a beautiful view). From this view we were able to […]

Time Magazine Article on Slowing Kids Down

Interesting article in Time Magazine on slowing kids down… This is in alignment with AO’s philosophies of valuing Play at camp and taking time to appreciate the quiet and unscheduled times at camp, where the magic really happens!