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Eldorado Canyon Tuesday: Climbing Day!

The campers had a great day climbing today! We got started right away so that the campers could have time to explore, climb and see the wonderful views at our climbing site! While the first group climbed the rest did songs and played a game of Evolution– it was great to see everyone’s eggs, chickens, […]

Eldorado Tuesday: Climbing Day!

We escaped the heat for a cooler day up at Wondervu today! We started with some songs to warm us up and a game of Ship Island. The cabin groups the took turns climbing throughout the day. We got to climb on our incredible rock climbing site! It was amazing and the campers did an […]

Eldorado Canyon Summer Fun

The Eldorado Canyon Session 4 program turned a really hot day into a really fun one. All the groups braved Supremacy Rock for some exciting rock climbing. It was really great watching our campers have so much fun while taking on their fears. The Purple Octopuses that eat Chocolate Cheetahs also enjoyed having their faces […]

Summer Fun at Whittier Elementary

Our campers spent an exciting day at Whittier Elementary taking part in all kinds of amazing activities. We started our morning with some songs, including “Humba Humba,” “Princess Pat,” and “Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup.” Afterwards, the Tiny Ninja Turtles made some bead creations, the Tiger Cheetahs made tumblebugs, and the Purple Octopi played charades. After […]