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Pool Day!

The campers all had an awesome pool day, Wednesday! We stopped to drop off the juniors at the Mesa Trailhead and sang some songs before heading to the Eldorado Canyon pool! As soon as we got sunscreen and water we headed into the pool. It was not as cold as the past weeks, and the […]

Eldorado Canyon Pool Day!

It was pool day for the Eldorado Campers! We traveled to the mesa trailhead to sing songs and say goodbye to the junior campers. We sang our favorite pool day song, “I Love Swimming.” We then hopped on the bus and headed to Eldorado Pool. After putting on sunblock, some chose to sun bathe while […]

Pool Day!

We had an excellent pool day today–we started our day at Mesa, singing some fun morning songs, and then headed to the pool, where we sunscreened and hopped into the water! We played all morning on the diving board and slide, and enjoyed the cool water and warm sun! After lunch, we re-sunscreened, drank a […]

Another Day of Summer Fun in Eldo

The second day of Session 3 for Eldorado Canyon was a joy for all. We started the morning singing “Little Red Wagon”, “Get Loose” and “Happy Birthday” to two of our campers. We then got to know each other with a fantastic game of categories. All of our teams went on an adventure to the […]