Today, we headed back into the Canyon for the second Monday of the session. We began our day with some fun morning songs, including “Head and Shoulders, Baby” and the “Little Green Frog.” Then, we played an all-camp game of Giants, Wizards, and Elves–it was great fun! The groups then put on lots of sunscreen–it was sunny today!–and headed off to do their cabin activities. The Flaming Purple Plutonium Ploppy Peppers worked on their canal and made tumblebugs. Their group had somewhat of a rough morning–we talked a lot about being nice and respectful to people even when they’re frustrating us. Meanwhile, the George McOutdoor Griffins made some amazing journals, planned their gorp, and played several exciting games of Camouflage and Bigfoot. The Skeletons hiked up Eldo trail, checked out some cool owl pellets, and made some great-looking tumblebugs. They also worked on listening and following directions. Meanwhile, the Pickleberry Kumquats worked on learning how to be good counselors, and also enjoyed bouldering and playing a camp-appropriate version of The Hunger Games.

Tomorrow, we’ll be back in the Canyon, and we’re all going rock climbing, which should be awesome! See you then!

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