We had a great first day of the session in Eldorado Canyon! We began our day with some energetic morning songs, including Boom-chicka-boom and Tarzan. Then, we played a fast-paced game of Ship-Island; it was great to get moving and get our blood flowing! Then, the group separated into the session cabin groups to decorate water bottles and decide on group names. Each camper got a chance to decorate their own water bottle, and we had fun putting on lots of sunscreen this morning!

We spent the rest of the day exploring the canyon and playing getting-to-know-each-other games–ask your camper what his/her group name is! We have the Griffin-puff Owls, the Goddesses of the Midnight Ninjas, the Awesome Marching overcooked jelly bean-eating chickens, and the Blue Jay Mountains. Tomorrow, we’ll be back in the canyon; campers will get a chance to do the activities that they planned for today! See you tomorrow!

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