We had an awesome Thursday in the Canyon–the main event of the day was playing an all-camp game of Gold Rush with the Denver Explorers! We began our day with some fun morning songs and lots of sunscreen; it was sunny today! Then, we teamed up with the Denver campers to find the pieces of gold left in Eldorado Canyon and take them to the bank. Along the way, we had to dodge the gold robbers who were trying to steal the gold away from the campers! The campers did a great job of figuring out creative solutions to tricking and capturing the gold robbers–ask your camper how they outsmarted the robbers! After the game, we ate some lunch–everyone was hungry after playing!–and took some time to talk about what we learned from playing Gold Rush and how we might play it differently next time. In the afternoon, campers drank a lot of water and did some fun, relaxing crafts, including pet rocks, crazy sunglasses, and kite decorating. Tomorrow, we’ll fly the kits we made today!

We’re heading to Crescent Meadow tomorrow, so please wear long pants or long socks! See you there!

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