We had a great start to our second week of session 4 in the canyon! We began our day with some fun camp songs and a great game of All Hail the Llama-Goat; it’s a high-energy, complicated, fun game! Then, groups put on some sunscreen and separated into groups to enjoy their days! Different groups bouldered, made clay creations, ran zombie runs, did marble painting, learned knots, created crazy sunglasses, and flew kites–it was great to see every group doing their own thing throughout the day. We finished our day with some delicious gorp mixed by the Pink and Purple Talking Parrots–it was yummy! We also opened last year’s session 4 time capsule–it was neat to see what last year’s campers left in their time capsule for us to discover! Campers this session will have the ability to create objects to put into this year’s session 4 time capsule later this week.

Tomorrow, we’re rock climbing! See you there!

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