We had a fantastic Tuesday here at sleep away camp–after a wonderful breakfast that fueled us up for the day, campers headed out either for a second day of kayaking or for horseback riding, depending on their age groups. The kayakers split into two groups; the younger group headed back to the lake for a second day of lake kayaking, and had a great day paddling around, playing games and practicing their wet exits. Some campers really got the hang of the different paddle strokes, and zoomed all around the lake as though their kayaks had motors! Meanwhile, the older group headed to the kayaker’s play park on the Arkansas River in Salida, and had tons of fun swimming through the play park and taking their kayaks through the various obstacles. On their return, we heard lots of stories about how much fun it was when their kayaks flipped!

While the kayakers were out on the water, the younger campers headed out on a great horseback ride. Several campers got their same horse again–be prepared to hear a lot about your camper’s horse! 🙂 Campers also enjoyed playing with the kittens that belonged to the horse stables–it’s hard to view something so cute and fuzzy as a “dangerous wild animal!” After their ride, the younger campers headed back to camp to eat lunch and have their rest hour. Once rest hour had ended, they headed out on an awesome exploration of camp–they hiked all around the camp grounds, and even went down to the fire ring and got to throw rocks in the river!

When the kayakers returned, tired but happy, they headed back to their cabins for a late rest hour while the younger campers headed to the gym for free time. During free time, campers had the chance to create a piece of marbleized paper using shaving cream and food coloring; campers really had fun playing with the shaving cream, and the marble patterns on the papers turned out great! Tomorrow, campers will have the chance to laminate their marbleized paper to the front of a notebook, if they want, so as to create a totally unique and personalized notebook of their very own.

The kayakers joined the group for the last half of free time, and everyone had a yummy fruit ‘n nut trail bar for snack (everyone likes to change things up once in a while!). At the end of free time, we headed to Grizzly Jacks’ for a filling dinner, and then headed back to our cabins to change into our swimsuits for our final night swim! It was awesome to swim as the sun set and the stars came out; several campers commented on the beauty of the scenery around them. We closed our day by singing “Day Is Done,” and then headed back to our cabins to brush teeth and get ready for bed, tired and happy from another awesome day at sleep away camp.

Tomorrow, we’re heading rock climbing, fly fishing, and horseback riding! It should be excellent!

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