Today the Boulder Juniors went to Eldorado Canyon with the older campers. We sang the Tarzan song and played Giants, Wizards, and Elves as one big group to get ready for the day. Afterwards, we had a sunscreen party and took a long hike to The Cave. On our hike we saw lots of rock climbers scaling the canyon walls. Once we completed our hike we met some of the older kids at the cave and had lunch inside of it. Luckily, it was nice and cool!  During play time we found cool sticks and rocks that we don’t normally see at our Boulder base camp! After the bus ride back to Boulder we cooled off inside where we played “Foxes and Bunnies” and even got to have our faces painted! We had a delicious gorp snack break and then worked together to create our group code. Our group code is a list of ways that we want to be and act at camp in order to stay safe and have fun. What a great day!

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