Today we opened with the Juice Moose song and a few rounds of one of my favorite songs, Little Red Wagon!  We then played an all camp game of Categories where we found a group of four and was then asked to find three things in common with our group members in one minute.  We then tried this again with a group of six!  We have a lot of things in common!

Campers then trekked down the trail of Eldo to head to the dark, cool, cave.  We watched as storm clouds rolled in but we didn’t get rained on!  Once at the cave we ate delicious lunch, and practiced Leave No Trace by making sure all of our garbage was back in our lunch bags.

After lunch we had a bouldering lesson!  We learned about spotting and climbing and how to be safe when you are climbing without a rope (aka bouldering).  After a quick game of Simon Says, it was time to get back onto the bus and head back to base camp.

We had some free time to play once we were back, then headed into the cafeteria to start making play dough!  Play dough making took quite a while.  We first had to add all the ingredients to a giant bowl – every camper got to add a cup of flour, then ever camper got to help stir the play dough.  After the play dough was thoroughly mixed and divided, we got to choose what colors of food coloring to add to our very own play dough.  It took a lot of mixing and a lot of sticky hands and extra flour, but we finally had a ball of play dough!  We had the choice to make cool insects with our play dough or to keep it all and take it home.  Many campers did a little of both!  The insects are drying overnight and any extra play dough that the campers had got to be taken home.

We finished the day making our group code, having snack time, and singing songs.  What a fun filled day!  Can’t wait to see you tomorrow!

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