This morning we opened up at Dowdy Draw trailhead singing Father Abraham, Baby Bumblebee, and Peel Banana.  We energized ourselves by playing a fun round of bug tag.

After playing a fun, fast game, we hydrated well and sunscreened up before a long hike up the trail to find the stream of water.  This took quite a while and all campers hiked like champs!  We had a little bit of time to pan for bugs from the stream and then were super hungry for lunch.

Once full from lunch we hiked back to the bus and headed back to base camp.  At base camp we discovered the activity director Mike had been working hard to have archery all set up for us.  All campers got a chance to do two whole rounds of archery!

At this point in the day we had spent a lot of time outside and in the sun so we came inside again, being sure to hydrate well, and did some more quiet activities the rest of the day, like mixing our GORP for snack, reading stories, and playing sleeping bunnies.

To finish the day we played with bubbles, drew on the sidewalk with sidewalk chalk, and played on the playground.

Remember tomorrow is Wally day (climbing) and pool day!  I hope the sun shines hot so we can swim for a long while!

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