This morning we hopped on the bus with all of the other campers and headed to South Mesa trailhead.  We sang songs with the whole group like “Around the World,” and “Baby Shark.”

We then went on a beautiful hike around the Mesa trails.  Once arriving at a shady dead end, we stopped and spent a lot of time exploring for different types of bugs.  One of our leaders caught a cricket and campers found a lot of bugs like lady bugs, butterflies, flies, ants, and a few other colorful bugs that we took pictures of (please check them out online!).  After spending a lot of time bug hunting we took a hike back to the trailhead and had lunch in a shady area, trying to stay hydrated and cool from the hot weather.

After lunch a few campers took interest in climbing a tree nearby, so the leaders decided to do an impromptu tree climbing lesson, similar to bouldering where we had spotters and commands like “climbing” and “climb on,” allowing one camper at a time to climb the tree.  Everyone got THREE turns climbing!  Right before we got on the bus to head back to base camp, we found a leaf that was special to us and did a leaf race under the bridge.

Back at base camp we did some free time then cooled off inside while filling out the GORP order form.  We played a quick round of Wax Museum and the Oink Oink Name Game.  After eating snack we had just enough time to make some bug houses and end the day singing the Spaghetti song and Hippo Song.

I’m excited to see you tomorrow – archery day!

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