We had an awesome Friday at Crescent Meadow–we began our day with some songs, including Little Red Wagon and One Hen, Two Ducks. It was great fun! Then, we put on lots of sunscreen and started our day; campers created kites and flew them, made pet rocks, and enjoyed the windy, cooler meadow. After lunch, the Pegacorns and Minotaurs played a few exciting rounds of frisbee-golf, while the Stinky Dinosaurs tried Orienteering and the Old Men on Roller Skates hiked around the meadow and saw an old abandoned car! We closed our day with some delicious gorp for snack, packed up the bus, and headed home. We sang lots of fun songs on the bus–ask your camper about the Rattlin’ Bog! We had a great Friday, we’re excited to see everyone next week!

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