The Eldorado campers had a great Monday at Camp Wondervu, our new AO Camps property! We sang some fun songs in the morning, played a great game of Pirate Ship-Island, and got sunscreened to start our day! Groups fished in the camp lake, tried archery, and had fun exploring the property. In the afternoon, we played some fun games, created animal masks, and had some delicious snack. We finished our day with some quieter afternoon songs. Then, some of our campers headed home for the day, while others stayed for a great overnight at Wondervu!

Campers who stayed overnight had a chance to do some more archery; it was fun learning from Program Director Tom! We also played volleyball and worked on our basketball and hula-hooping. We had some delicious tacos for dinner–yum!–and, after changing into our pjs and warmer clothing, we headed to the event hall to play Dutch Auction. It was awesome–groups created skits based on a category, such as “Sell the World’s Largest Q-Tip!,” and performed them for each other (making great use of the camp costume box, as well). After our Dutch Auction, we roasted marshmallows in the fireplace for some delicious s’mores. Full and happy, we headed to bed! In the morning, we woke up, ate a yummy breakfast, and headed back to Eldorado Canyon for a fun day of climbing!

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