The Explorers have been enjoying all that Colorado has to offer!

Monday found the group up at AO Camp Wondervu. Campers spent the day fishing on the 8 acre lake, catching four fish all over 12 inches long! Later in the day campers spent time hiking and doing archery. That evening, a very special event took place; the first overnight in AO day camp history! Campers had taco night for dinner, played a skit game, made s’mores and sang camp favorites “Heart of Gold” and “Quinn the Eskimo.”

Bacon, eggs, and hashbrowns greater Explorers upon an early wake up call. All filled up, campers headed down to the National Wildlife Refuge to meet up with the rest of the group. Everybody took it easy after a long night, but enjoyed some great hiking and fishing.

Today, everybody beat the heat with pool day! After spending the morning climbing on the green, the whole crew headed to Jet Stream to cool off. Explorers returned to the Green for GORP before calling it a day!

Pictures to follow!

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