Today was our last day of Session 2 at Eldorado Canyon! The bus ride was full of songs, as we sang some of our favorites from camp as we headed into the canyon. For morning songs we sang
“Boom Chicka Boom” and “Let Me See Your Funky Chicken.” The groups spent their day doing the crafts they had not gotten to throughout the session, or that they wanted to do again. The rest of the afternoon was devoted to practicing for the camper’s skits and making costumes. The skits were clever and of course, hilarious. Most of the campers were face-painted as their characters. The skits included one about sloths, one about sassy animals, and one about time travel. After skits each group put their “Time Capsule” craft into the capsule, which will be opened at Session 2 in 2014! We ended the day with Gorp and sang “I Love the Mountains” and “On Top of Spaghetti” for our afternoon songs. A great ending to a great session!

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