Thursday, the Denver Juniors made their second trek of the summer to the beautiful Eldorado Canyon.  As with the first trip, everyone had a blast.

We arrived at the canyon right around 10:00 a.m. and, after we applied a thick layer of sunscreen and filled our water bottles, we headed out to hike.  The two youngest junior groups hiked down the hill to what has become known as “The Cave,” where campers explored, played, and ate lunch in the shade.  The older junior group hiked along Fowler Trail, where it attained some breathtaking views of highly-skilled rock climbers making their ways up the walls of the canyon.  The older group enjoyed a relaxing lunch in the shade of an old pine tree, and the kids enjoyed playing games and singing songs throughout their hike.  Counselor Beth taught her campers about some of the local flora along the way, and everyone enjoyed smelling the Ponderosa pines (which smell something like vanilla or butterscotch, depending on who you are).

In the afternoon, Junior campers had a delicious snack of Smorgasgorp before boarding the bus.  When we arrived back at base camp, it was almost time for pick up.  We closed the day with some songs on the guitar – “Sloopy” and “Ho Hey” are quickly becoming Junior favorites.

It was a great day filled with the outdoors, fun, and friendship – what more could a kid ask for?

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