We had a really fun pool day in Eldo–we began our day with some songs at Mesa Trailhead, including Boom-chicka-Boom and Baby Shark. After a quick pool orientation with our groups, we headed to the pool, where we got sunscreened and jumped in! We had a great morning swimming,  going down the slide, and jumping off the diving board! After lunch, groups made lanyards and did crazy sunglasses, before hopping back in the pool for more watery fun! Campers had a good time looking at bugs and sunning on the pool deck, as well as drinking lots of water to stay hydrated. We finished our day with some delicious oranges for snack, and sang some quieter afternoon songs, including I Love the Mountains and The Canoe Song. We hope everyone has a fun fourth of July, and we’ll see you all again for camp on Friday!

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