We had a great second Monday in Eldorado Canyon! We began our day with sunscreen and morning songs, including Head and Shoulders, Baby, Peel Banana, and the Princess Pat. We also played Resources, a game that explains to campers how animal populations are dependent on the existence of certain resources. Cabin groups filled up their water bottles and headed out for their fun-filled day! The Awesome Climbing Bears with Braces hiked up to the old Eldo hotel, while the Old Men made crazy sunglasses and ordered gorp. Meanwhile, the 1987 Biscuit-Nuggets made clay creations, played Giants, Wizards, Elves, and examined owl pellets. In the afternoon, we all re-sunscreened and ate some delicious gorp for snack. We finished our day with a quieter afternoon version of I Love the Mountains, and then headed home! Tomorrow, we’re climbing in the canyon–see you there!

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