We had a great last day of the session! We started our day by singing three of our favorite camp songs– “Little Red Wagon,” “Boom Chicka Boom” and “Brown Squirrel.” After, we played “The Sun Shines on…” with all of the campers. The campers split into their cabin groups to practice their skits, make their crafts for the time capsule and do any activities they were not able to get to during the session. We rejoined in the afternoon for the skits, which were hilarious! There was a skit based on the news, a skit about men with purple beards, and one about the Superbowl! All the campers performed and did an incredible job! Right before snack a storm rolled into the canyon, so everyone packed up the bus and then ate snack inside where it was safe and dry. It was an exciting ending to a great session!

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