This morning we got to play on the playground for a few minutes while the older campers got in the vans.  We started the day singing a couple of camp favorites like Brown Squirrel and the Hippo Song.  After songs we decorated our own water bottles and got ready for archery.

We spent quite a bit of the morning practicing archery and a lot of campers hit the target super close to the bull’s eye!  After archery we had worked up an appetite for lunch, so we sat down and enjoyed our meals.  A squirrel kept trying to get into our backpacks which made us laugh considering we got to sing Brown Squirrel this morning!

Full of scrumptious food we then had a little down time under the canopy while some campers practiced more archery and others started a fun painting session with face paint.  After face paint all of the campers got free time on the playground, then a relaxing story time.

We created our cabin name after story time:  Lightening Lollipop Leopards Shooting Arrows Eating German Pancakes!

We ended the day making pet rocks and singing songs.

Don’t forget – tomorrow we’re having a pool day so please come dressed in your swimsuit and bring a towel and a change of clothes!

See you tomorrow!

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