Today the Boulder Juniors got to head into Eldorado Canyon! We started off singing songs at the Mesa Trailhead with the Intermediate campers. Then we all played “Poison Frog” together before we headed back onto the bus. Once we got to Eldorado Canyon we hiked down to the cave! We saw some cool beetles and a hummingbird while we were down there. We ate lunch inside the cave and then explored the rocks and area around it. We headed back on the bus to go back to base camp where we had some free time. After free time we got to make crazy sunglasses with fun pom poms, pipe cleaners, and neon felt. We got to practice the Leave No Trace principles we have been learning by picking up all of the little pieces of trash around the playground. We rewarded ourselves with some delicious watermelon for snack. To finish up the day we read some stories and did some team building exercises. Thanks for a great day, Juniors!

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