This morning we hopped on the bus and headed to Wondervu for the day!  We sang some songs on the bus and then sang even more songs once we got off the bus.  We played an all camp game of Predator Prey.  After getting sunscreen on we hiked to the lake, but just before lunch we played a surprise round of 10 second camo!

We ate lunch near the lake and watched another group try to catch some fish.  After lunch it started raining up at Wondervu so we got our rain jackets on and headed to the teepee for some shelter.  There we listened to stories of Shokti and played Firekeeper for a while.

We then loaded onto the bus to head back to base camp, where it was raining even more!  We snacked on some popcorn under the big tree then headed inside for the rest of the day to listen to stories and do an afternoon craft – bookmarks!

Tomorrow we hope the weather will hold out long enough for us to climb and swim so don’t forget your swimsuit and towels!  If we end up with a rainy day we’ll still have a great time playing other games!

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