The campers had a GREAT first day at Camp Wondervu today! We started the day with two of our favorite songs- Tarzan and Riki Tiki Tamba. Then we sailed the seas with a game of Ship Island, the campers got a bit sea sick but all ended well! We separated into our cabin groups to play name games and to figure out the cabin group names– the campers came up with some good ones! The four cabin groups are The Triple A Team, The Awesome Spy Ninja  Creeper Narwhal, The Golden Taevak Nature Trackers and The Inventive Flaming Wolves. We all made our own water bottles with our names on them! Pretty neat cabin group names. After lunch, some groups explored Thunder Ridge, enjoying the beautiful view of the Rockies while others explored base camp, played games and did some team-building activities until snack. We ended our day with a song of On Top of Spaghetti before heading homeward down the canyon! We can’t wait for another great day, tomorrow!

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