This morning started off rather rainy and chilly when we loaded the bus up to camp. When we got off the bus, there was a layer of fog surrounding us! We discussed what it meant to be in the clouds and what clouds were made of. We put on our sweatshirts and got ready to sing songs and play a game with the rest of camp. We sang about a moose who liked juice and fish that have pockets and pants. We played an all camp game of Elves Wizards and Giants and then loaded on our sunscreen as the sun came out.

The three cabin groups of the Junior Campers: The Lemon Licking Lollipops, the Green GORP Cheetahs, and the White Deer Hawks really enjoyed doing a scavenger hunt for scarves, all while working together as a group. We wanted to make sure that all who wanted to find a scarf, did find one! After eating our lunches and singing a few more songs, it was time to get back on the bus.

When we returned to base camp at Whittier, we made spongebugs in preparation of tomorrow’s pool day! We are so excited to play in the pool with all of the friends we have made this week at camp. See you tomorrow!